What exciting news we all received in our congregations recently about Special Conventions SCs) being planned as shown below. Even though the SCs are for approved delegates only, the BCT excursions are for everyone; delegates and Non-delegates:


If you have the privilege of being accepted as an approved delegate or if you’ve been assigned to any of the conventions recently announced, please keep us in mind. We have extensive experience operating tours in the countries listed Above and are ready to assist you with your trip of a life lifetime.

With the new program of having each delegate make their own arrangements in harmony with the local Branch Countries/Cities direction for a seven or eight night stay in the convention city, BCT will be concentrating on options for pre or post convention excursions.

Pre or Post Convention Tours Outside the Convention City:

“While some may choose to attend the convention only (and two or three additional days of association with the local brothers), many also take advantage of such a trip to include sightseeing in other areas. You can arrange such excursions on your own or with a travel agency of your choice, keeping in mind that in the convention city you must use the Approved Hotel List provided by the branch office. However, many enjoy such excursions in the company of fellow believers.”

We invite you, the Convention attendee, to enjoy such excursions with BCT.

NOTE: BCT’s optional tours and excursions are scheduled so as not to interfer with the Theocratic Program and local host city arrangements.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All BCT excursions that are in conjunction with international conventions are for delegates and non-delegates alike.

What BCT Can Do:

  • Assist with airfare for just the IC or for the convention and BCT excursion
  • Provide excursions outside the host city after the IDC
  • More information for delegates and non-delegates alike on Booking BCT trips scheduled in conjunction with a IC.

What the Delegate Needs to Do:

  • Make their own hotel accommodations for the SC
  • Follow and enjoy local arrangements either before and/or after the SC
  • If interested, book an additional excursion to locations outside the host city with BCT

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As time goes, and more information is given us by the Governing Body and/or the Host Branches, we will include and update you with those details on this very web page – so we invite you to sign up now for our BCT newsletter and be sure and check that you are interested in ‘Packages That Include Attending Conventions’.

One final point: Whether you will be attending a Special Convention or not and would like to enjoy a spiritually rewarding trip please look over our Bible Lands Tours listed here

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